Hi, thanks for taking a look at Whale Merge. It’s a simple but hopefully useful tool for generating text by applying a template to data. A bit like the mail merge function in a word processor. Stepping through the examples is the best way to discover how to use it and the sort of things you might use it for. If you have any feedback, requests or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you.

Whale Merge is a side project from UK internet consultancy Singlemost Ltd.


Can’t I just use (Word/CodeSmith/Excel/Perl/LINQPad/etc/etc) to do all this and more?

Undoubtedly, but hopefully Whale Merge will still come in handy for anyone without more powerful tools and techniques at their ready disposal, or for those quick odd jobs where it’s just not worth the setup time.

What’s this built with?

Mainly with AngularJS, which handles the interactive elements and performs the core of the tempting function by repeatedly applying its interpolation function with your template string to the cut up data. Javascript library underscore.js is also used, and ASP.NET MVC provides the few server side functions, mainly the contact form.


All processing of your template and data is done on the client side, i.e. it never leaves your web browser.

Google Analytics is used to record anonymous usage statistics in the standard way. Social media links are provided using locally hosted icons.

If you use our contact form your message will be treated in the strictest confidence and we will not share your details with anyone.